5,159 Facilities provide Medication-Assisted Treatment in the country

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The amfAR Opioid & Health Indicators Database in Action

The Opioid & Health Indicators Database is a free resource for policymakers, advocates, journalists, academics, and anyone else interested in learning more about the opioid epidemic and its intersection with HIV, Hepatitis C, and other infectious disease consequences of the rise in injection drug use.

The database has been used by a number of groups, including amfAR staff, to further investigate these epidemics. Below are a few examples of the database in academic pieces and in print and digital media.

New York Times

An Opioid Crisis Foretold (Editorial, Apr. 2018)

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To understand why America’s opioid epidemic keeps getting worse, just look at this map (German Lopez, Jan. 2018)

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Health Affairs

Where Multiple Modes Of Medication-Assisted Treatment Are Available (amfAR staff, Jan. 2018)

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Washington Post

The opioid epidemic is making the fight against HIV more difficult (Keith Humphreys, Wonkblog, Jun. 2017)

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American Journal of Public Health

Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Access to Opioid Analgesic Medications and Medication-Assisted Treatment (amfAR staff, May 2018)

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The Hill

Effective addiction treatment requires good health coverage (Op-Ed, Mar. 2018)

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